Thursday, September 16, 2010

Doin' Bumps with Vinnie Chase

Entourage ended it's 6th season(7th? Who the fuck knows...) this past Sunday on HBO, and it seemed there was not a laugh to be had. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED the episode, but it was definitely the most serious story since the show's inception back in 2004.
Let's do a character rundown:
-After years of boozing, fucking and smoking the pot, the "party lifestyle" came to a header for our gang as Vinnie Chase started riding the white rails for the duration of this season with "anal-from-a-black-guy-lovin" porn star girlfriend Sasha Gray(actually pretty attractive for a sperm dumpster), leading to what will probably be the crash of his film career. I wonder if Aquaman will ever live down being knocked around by that white midget rapper Eminem?
-One also has to wonder if the fight with Slim Shady is going to effect Johnny Drama's new animated series "Johnny's Bananas" for NBC?
-Mrs. Ari has decided she wants "a break" with her foul-mouthed husband. I must admit that this woman is almost a total "show-stopper" for me, and I would not mind if they got a divorce to change the pace of Piven's character.
-At this moment I don't remember what happened with E(im too lazy to rewatch it on-demand right now), but I do believe he is still marrying Sloan, so he can't be doing that bad.
-As for Turtle, I could care less about his Tequila company. 'Nuff said.
-Lloyd's still asian. And gay.

According to the gossipy-bitches I call friends, the next season will most likely be Entourages last, which will then lead into ENTOURAGE: THE MOTION PICTURE sometime in 2012/2013. The way the story seems to be directed, the movie will most likely pick up like maybe a year after the previous season ended, centering around all 5 main characters separated from one another and how they are not an "entourage" anymore, focusing on how they all find each other again.
If that's a hit, the sequel will probably be about Vince getting his first Oscar nom.

My other Entourage predictions:
-Medellin will become a cult clasic.
-Reformed director Billy Walsh will have moved in with "the boys" in the next season.
-Sloan will get preggers at some point.
-Ari will be living by himself in a nasty, seedy hotel, giving the house to his soon to be ex family.
-I still won't care about Turtle's mexican booze company.
-Vinnie's big "comeback" movie will be that Ramones Bio-pic that Bela Lugosi offered him back in season 4.
-E will become head of his studio.
-Scott Caan will make a terrible career choice by going to the NEW Hawaii 5-0!
-and Lloyd will be still be gay. But less Asian...which is odd.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Curious Case of Michael Cera

It seems as though the internet hates Michael Cera. 
People say that he plays "the same character" in every film he's in. People say he's "unlikable". People say he's "goofy lookin'" and his 15 minutes of fame needs to end now.
I'll make it clear right now that I am a fan of Mr. Cera and I often wonder where all the hostility towards him comes from. As I mentioned it seems most of the always wise internet has a strong dislike for M.C.(check out the comments on this topless robot board), and I don't think it's anything more than just people hearing one opinion and just repeating it as their own. Think of it this way: the World Wide Web is like a dry forrest; all it takes is one spark to start a wild-fire.
There are plenty of actors in Hollywood that always seem to play the same person(usually themselves); the 1st 2 that come to mind are Julia Roberts & Morgan Freeman, and nobody ever gives them shit for "playing the same character in all their films"! Character actors like Gary Oldman, as awesome as they are, are never put in the "leading man" position(although I think they should be).
Scott Pilgrim came out this past weekend to critical acclaim, rabid fans and disappointing ticket sales. The major crime being that most people who'll be skipping this movie is because they feel that Cera plays the same person in every film, but this time out he's an honest to god action star! Seeing Scott Pilgrim in the theater is truly a great experience; please do not wait to "discover" this movie on DVD late next year. Nobody saw Fight Club in theaters but now everyone claims it;s their fave film. Bullshit.